CRAN Packages:

  • cap: Covariate Assisted Principal regression
  • cfma: Causal Functional Mediation Analysis
  • gma: Granger Mediation Analysis
  • macc: Mediation Analysis of Causality under Confounding
  • cord: Community Estimation in G-Models via CORD
  • pro: Point-process Response model for Optogenetics
  • scio: Sparse Columnwise Inverse Operator for precision matrix estimation
  • cin: Causal Inference for Neuroscience
  • lorec: LOw Rank and sparsE Covariance matrix estimation
  • clime: Constrained L1-minimization for Inverse (covariance) Matrix Estimation

PyPI Packages:

  • tabletreeLinking Multiple Large SQL-like Tables
  • cdn-fmri: Causal Dynamic Network modeling of fMRI

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